Lover, The Art Of Staying Lost


The Art Of Staying Lost is a two book poetry series. Book One, Lover, releases on 30th October 2020. The E-book is now up for pre-order on Amazon. Click the book picture to pre-order today!

A poem is a ray of hope, a friend who is as messed up as you but knows you better than the rest of the world. From the author of the celebrated poetry collection, Loveish, comes this two book poetry series, The Art Of Staying Lost. Lover, the first in this series features love poems and notes. Lost is the second book in this series and features poetry and prose about healing and letting go. Hearts break everyday but once in a lifetime we all go through an earth shattering one. Torn between the heart and mind, the poems and prose in this series are relatable, raw and an intimate account of a soul that is healing. Loneliness can be an alchemist, this despair is also a gift. Your heart maybe irreparably broken right now but this suffering is not permanent. Exploring every aspect of healing after a heartbreak, the poetry in this collection implores you to heal at your own pace, to stay lost until you are ready to be found, to grieve until you don’t have to anymore.